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SGF 2018 Designers

Floral Windows to the World

Akiva Zama


Andy Eng
Balcony Gardens Andy Eng Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd Implementing partner: Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd

Awards Gold Award
Andy Sturgeon and Jim Fogarty
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Andy Sturgeon and Jim Fogarty United Kingdom and Australia Implementing partner: Eco - Scape

ANDY STURGEON (UK) & JIM FOGARTY (AUSTRALIA) will be pairing up for the first time at SGF 2018, each holding a wealth of knowledge and multiple accolades from various editions of EcoGeo in Korea, Gardening World Cup in Japan, Philadelphia Flower Show, RHS Flower Shows (Chelsea and Hampton Court), as well as SGF.

Voted twice as one of the top 10 garden designers in UK, Andy blends strong design, natural materials and innovative planting to create bold, architectural and timeless landscapes. Additionally, Andy was the ‘Convenor of Judges’ at the Ellerslie Flower Show in 2014, with Jim being Convenor in 2012.

Jim Fogarty is also a well-established name in the industry. The founder of Jim Fogarty Design, Jim’s landscape designs have led him to clinch over 30 awards, making him one of the top landscape and garden designers in Australia. 

Awards Best Construction Award Gold Award
Floral Windows to the World

Bruno Duarte


Chang Huaiyan and Ng Sze Oun @ Hwang Soo Ying
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Chang Huai-Yan and Ng Sze Oun Singapore Implementing partner: Plantwerkz Pte Ltd

CHANG HUAI-YAN & NG SZE OUN (SINGAPORE) are the directors of Salad Dressing, a Singapore-based landscape design firm. The company consists of landscape designers, gardeners and architects who challenge boundaries in tropical garden design, with projects stretching from South-East Asia to the Middle East. Their design approach is focused on expressing the beauty of the rainforest, biodiversity, the immateriality of nature and its timeless relationship with humans. Their Enabling Village project at Redhill won the “Design of the Year” for the President’s Design Award 2016 and the SILA Outstanding Award for Excellence 2017. In late 2016, Salad Dressing was also awarded the tender for design consultancy services for the development of Jurong Lake Gardens Central and East.

Awards Silver Award
Floral Windows to the World

Daniel Santamaria


Darren Choo
Balcony Gardens Darren Choo Chen Wa Landscape Pte Ltd

Awards Bronze Award
Dmitri Turcan
Floral Windows to the World Dmitri Turcan Azerbaijan

Awards Best of Show Award Gold Award
Mark and Emily Cook
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Emily and Mark Cook USA Implementing partner: Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd

EMILY & MARK COOK (USA) have been landscape designers and horticulturists for 17 years, with expertise in residential and commercial properties. Co-owners of Mark Cook Landscape & Contracting LLC, the husband-and-wife pair strive to create original and unique designs that turn their clients’ visions into stunning realities. With their wealth of experience, Mark and Emily have won various awards at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Awards Gold Award
Floral Windows to the World

Frederic Dupré


Selgum Savitha
Balcony Gardens G.S Selgum Amozonia Landscape Pte Ltd

Awards Bronze Award
Marguerite Ribstein and Grgory Cazeaux
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Grégory Cazeaux & Marguerite Ribstein France Implementing partner: Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte Ltd

GRÉGORY CAZEAUX & MARGUERITE RIBSTEIN (FRANCE) are the founders of Ma.Gy Collectif which seeks to innovate by combining architecture and landscaping. The duo has participated and won in various garden festivals around France, including In the Gardens of William Christie and Jardins Festival. SGF 2018 will be their first international garden festival outside their home country.

In her seven years as a landscape architect, Marguerite has developed multiple landscape projects – from small residential project to public spaces, parks and gardens. Through the course of work, Marguerite has also been involved in artistic and landscape installations, as well as guerrilla gardening animations.

Separately, Grégory holds close to 15 years of experience, working on architectural and landscape projects ranging from micro-architecture to large-scale urban projects and national projects in public spaces. He also specialises in creating ephemeral gardens.

Awards Silver Award
Inch Lim
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Inch Lim Malaysia Implementing partner: Culti Green Pte Ltd

INCH LIM (MALAYSIA) is one of Malaysia’s best-known landscape designers, and the winner of the Best in Show and Horticultural Excellence awards at SGF 2016. Inch’s innovative designs, spatial awareness, attention to details and extensive plant knowledge have led him to become a highly sought-after designer.

His works include designs for parks, condominiums, landscape masterplans and private commissions. Some of Inch’s work include the residence of His Royal Highness, the current Sultan of Selangor, and the well-known Penang Tropical Spice Garden.

He has achieved international success having won numerous awards in Japan, USA, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, and his work is widely published.


Awards Best of Show Award Horticultural Excellence Award Gold Award
John Tan
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens John Tan Singapore Implementing partner: Esmond Landscape & Horticultural Pte Ltd

JOHN TAN (SINGAPORE) has won awards at multiple international garden design competitions, including Gardening World Cup, RHS Chelsea Flower Show and SGF. The founder of Esmond Landscape and Horticultural Pte Ltd, he has more than 20 years of experience in horticultural and landscape design. John’s works and design are regularly featured in Singapore and overseas media, and his works have achieved Gold and Best of Category Awards at the LIAS Awards of Excellence 2009, 2015 & 2017 – these are the highest achievements at the Awards.

Awards Silver Award
Floral Windows to the World

Johnny and Hazel

Republic of Korea

Kate Gould
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Kate Gould United Kingdom Implementing partner: ISS Hydroculture Pte Ltd

KATE GOULD (UNITED KINGDOM) brings with her 20 years of garden design experience, during which she has created award-winning gardens throughout London and South East England.  A multiple award winner, she has exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show eight times and has garnered four gold medals and three best-in-category awards. Besides running a leading design practice, Kate also writes regularly for the UK and international gardening press where she contributes regularly about small gardens as well as all other elements of garden design practices.

Awards Gold Award Best Outdoor Lighting Award
Koga and Kagae
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Katsuhiko Koga and Kazuhiro Kagae Japan Implementing partner: Flora Landscape Pte Ltd

KATSUHIKO KOGA AND KAZUHIRO KAGAE (JAPAN) are garden designers with complementing strengths. Koga’s garden designs impress with their unique fusion of garden arts and flower arrangement techniques, as well as Japanese and western styles. Kagae’s focus is on creating the human touch for his gardens, keeping in mind to propose gardens that will blend in with the environment as the years pass. Koga currently runs a garden production company where he designs and creates gardens for hotels and residents. For Kagae, he acquired the top level national certificate for garden techniques at the tender age of 25, and has since participated in numerous garden shows.

Awards Silver Award
Keith Lin
Floral Windows to the World Keith Lin Singapore

Awards Bronze Award
Leon Kluge
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Leon Kluge South Africa Implementing partner: Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd

LEON KLUGE (SOUTH AFRICA) is an award-winner of multiple design competitions, including Gardening World Cup and Philadelphia Flower Show Cup. Over the years,  he has designed and installed gardens ranging from immense commercial landscaping to small residential gardens. Leon is also renowned for his artistic garden designs with a modern contemporary twist.  With a niche in designing vertical gardens, his garden designs have been published in over 100 local publications. Beyond designing, he has his own TV series called “The Rebel Gardener”, that showcases how inspirations from iconic landscapes in South Africa can be translated into reality.

Awards Best of Show Award Gold Award Horticultural Excellence Award
Lily Chee
Balcony Gardens Lily Chee Earthscape Concepts Pte Ltd

Awards Silver Award
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Myles Baldwin Australia Implementing partner: Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd

MYLES BALDWIN (AUSTRALIA) is the director of Myles Baldwin Design, a landscape architecture and design studio based in Sydney, that designs landscapes and gardens across Australia and internationally around the Pacific Rim. Trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Myles designs feature strong horticultural presence to contemporary and heritage architecture.

Aside from winning various accolades at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show for design and environmental categories, Myles won Gold and Best in Show at the Australian Garden Show Sydney 2014, and his gardens have featured on the Australian National Architects Awards for the past three years including the 2017 Wilkinson Award.

Myles is an accomplished media presenter and writer, previously with NBN 9 Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald and has three books with Murdoch Press including the best-selling “Rural Australian Gardens”.

Awards Silver Award
Floral Windows to the World

Niar Jacklowsky


Nicu Bocancea
Floral Windows to the World Nicu Bocancea Romania

Awards Bronze Award
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Paul Martin Ireland Implementing partner: Earthscape Concepts Pte Ltd

PAUL MARTIN (IRELAND) is the founder of Paul Martin Designs, a multi-award winning Design Studio, dedicated to combining an extensive knowledge of plants with a keen eye for sharp design to create beautiful gardens for clients worldwide.  To date, Paul has won 10 gold medals for Show Gardens both nationally and internationally – at RHS Flower Shows (Chelsea and Hampton Court) and SGF – and currently has garden design projects in the UK and Europe.

Awards Gold Award
Floral Windows to the World

Premysl Hytych

Czech Republic

Richard Mock
Floral Windows to the World Richard Mock Singapore

Awards Silver Award
Floral Windows to the World

S.L.Y. Soh Liang Ying


Sugishima Yoshimi
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Sugishima Yoshimi Japan Implementing partner: Greencrafts & Design Pte Ltd

SUGISHIMA YOSHIMI (JAPAN) first encountered floral design while working at a restaurant, and was fascinated with his ability to create a table display with just one flower. This led him to open a flower shop at the age of 25, and encouraged him to pursue a garden design as a career.

To date, he has won recognition at various editions of Gardening World Cup (Japan) and contributed towards a Silver-Gilt win at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014. As an accomplished designer, Sugishima was also invited to create special displays at multiple Huis Ten Bosch shows (Japan).

Awards Silver Award
Tan Ling Ling Maurene
Balcony Gardens Tan Ling Ling (Maurene) The Nature Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Awards Bronze Award
Timo Bolte
Floral Windows to the World Timo Bolte Austria

Awards Bronze Award
Toh Lee Hua
Balcony Gardens Toh Lee Hua Greencrafts & Design Pte Ltd

Awards Bronze Award
Tom Massey
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Tom Massey United Kingdom Implementing partner: Kiat Lee Landscape & Building Pte Ltd

TOM MASSEY (UNITED KINGDOM) is an up-and-coming young designer who will be making his debut on Main Avenue at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2018. Despite only graduating from the London College of Garden Design in July 2015, he was named amongst Pro Landscaper magazine’s ‘30 Under 30’ list in the same year, and subsequently also clinched both Commercial and Domestic awards at the Society of Garden Designers Awards in 2016.

Awards Best Indoor Lighting Award Gold Award
Vincent Chia
Balcony Gardens Vincent Chia Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte Ltd

Awards Best of Show Award Gold Award
Zoe Xu
Balcony Gardens Zoe Xu Candy Floriculture Pte Ltd

Awards Bronze Award
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