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Floral Installation - Cascade

Designers: Natasha Lisitsa & Daniel Schultz. Best of Show 2016 - Floral Windows to the World

Cascade is a celebration of water…soothing, cooling, and life-giving. It is evocative of that moment when a waterfall or single drop of rain splashes down to earth.


Like the grand fountain in a civic plaza, this sculptural centrepiece draws focus and commands immediate attention from all entrances of the tent. Falling six metres from ceiling to floor, this stunning cascade of flowers offers respite from the heat of the day while providing transition from outdoor gardens to the Floral Windows to the World.


Profile of Designers

Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz (USA) are the founders of Waterlily Pond, a floral art studio based in San Francisco, California. Named as one of the most exciting and daring floral designers in America, the wife-and-husband pair has decorated more than 1,500 weddings and events, as well as crafted floral installations for museums such as San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art and de Young Museum. With a unique combination of skills of design, architecture and craftsmanship, the power duo ensures that every installation is beautiful, impactful, and has its own story to tell.


Previously an engineer, Natasha’s passion for floral design led her to study Ikebana, and develop her own style fusing Eastern and Western principles. Today, she is internationally recognized for her larger-than-life floral art installations, vivacious design style, and innovative use of materials.


Daniel holds a degree in architecture, and in addition to his work in floral art, is a practicing furniture designer. His background in design and fabrication is an invaluable asset in the creation of amazing structures for floral art. 

Natasha and Daniel have presented floral artworks, demonstrations, and workshops across the USA and internationally.  Recent accolades include:


-World Flower and Garden Show 2015, Nagasaki, Japan
-Best of Show and Gold (Floral Windows to the World) at SGF 2016
-AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers) Stage Demonstration 2017

-First Prize, Flora Festival 2017, Cordoba, Spain    



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