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SGF 2016 Designers

Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Adam Frost United Kingdom Implementing partner: Nyee Phoe Flower-Garden Pte Ltd

Adam Frost started his professional gardening career in the mid-1980’s with an apprenticeship at the North Devon Parks Department. Following his maiden gold medal form the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2007, Adam has clinched six other Gold medals from the same show. He has been commissioned projects across the United Kingdom and Europe, and is known for creating gardens that not only appear aesthetically pleasing, but are also functional. He travels around the world to present at public speaking events and makes TV appearances where he actively promotes gardening both as a past time and a career.


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Awards Best Construction Award Gold Award
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Adam Shuter New Zealand Implementing partner: Amozonia Landscape Pte Ltd

Adam Shuter is the director of Shuter Design Co, a boutique landscape company which specialises in high-end residential landscapes and show gardens. His designs have clinched him a number of prestigious awards and gold medals, including Best in Show for both Design and Construction at previous editions of Ellerslie Flower Show. Renowned for combining not only fine detailing of organic materials and natural waves of high-density planting, Adam’s contemporary designs reflect a truly unique New Zealand style of landscape design and implementation.


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Awards Bronze Award
Alison Douglas
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Alison Douglas Australia Implementing partner: Prince's Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd

Alison Douglas has a multi-disciplined design background. With an Industrial Design degree, she has worked in various fields such as exhibition, toy and fashion design. Since completing a post-graduate certificate in Garden design at Melbourne University, Alison has been involved in landscape design; sustainability and plants being her new chosen design medium. In 2015, Alison Douglas Design won first place at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in the Boutique Gardens category, with her creation ‘Pipe Dream’. Alison thrives on challenging sites and smaller spaces, and is passionate about the finer details.


Awards Bronze Award
Andrew Wilson and Gavin Mcwilliam
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam United Kingdom Implementing partner: Evershine Projects Pte Ltd

Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam are the founders and directors at Wilson McWilliam Studio, one of Britain’s leading garden design practices. This dynamic design duo produces elegant design spaces, which incorporate both crisp construction detailing and inspirational planting design. Andrew (BA Hons, Dip LA FSGD) is a Fellow and former Chairman of the Society of Garden Designers. He is also a lecturer, author and a regular judge at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Gavin (BA Hons CMLI MBALI) is currently a Chartered Member of The Landscape Institute and a registered BALI designer.


Awards Silver Award
Balcony Gardens

Andy Eng

Balcony Gardens

Anita Lim

Ann Teo
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Ann Teo Singapore Implementing partner: Eco Garden Pte Ltd

Ann Teo is the founder and managing director of COEN Design International Pte Ltd, a growing landscape architectural design firm based in Singapore. The firm has garnered many awards both in Singapore and beyond. Ann is passionate about creating signature landscape features that give a strong identity to the development. Some of her award-winning landscaping projects across Singapore include the Tree House Condominium, Cape Royale, Orange Grove, Mont Timah, Westgate, Wharf Residences, Prive and more.


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Awards Bronze Award
Floral Windows to the World

Annette von Einem


Floral Windows to the World

Bernard Soh


Celebrations! Floral Table Series

Cedric Ng

Celebrations! Floral Table Series

Chen Nina

Balcony Gardens

Erin Gotangco

Balcony Gardens

Gary Nai

Floral Windows to the World

Hideyuki Niwa


Hugo Bugg
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Hugo Bugg United Kingdom Implementing partner: Western Flora

Hugo Bugg was the youngest ever winner of a gold medal for a large show garden at Chelsea Flower Show (2014) at 27 years old, and is continually billed as one of the young garden designers to watch. In 2015, he was commissioned to design the first Royal Botanic Gardens (RGB) in Jordan. Recently, Hugo has also just completed a Tanzanian tropical rainforest glasshouse within the new MUSE science museum in Trento, Italy. Besides running a leading design practice, Hugo also gives guest lectures and seminars at leading garden design colleges and trade shows throughout the UK. 


Awards Silver Award
Inch Lim
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Inch Lim Malaysia Implementing partner: Mao Sheng Quanji Construction Pte Ltd

Inch Lim is one of Malaysia's best-known horticulturist-garden designers and also a former award winner at the Malaysia International Landscape and Garden Festival (Laman). His extensive tropical plant knowledge, innovative ideas and intuitive understanding of space relations has helped him become a highly sought after designer in South East Asia. In addition, his works have achieved international success and won numerous awards in Japan, USA, U.K, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Some of his landscape design works include a private residence in Sentosa Cove, the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and the design for the Sultan of Pahang's residence in Kuala Lumpur. 


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Awards Best of Show Award Horticultural Excellence Award Gold Award People's Choice Award
James Basson and Bruno Torini
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens James Basson and Bruno Torini France Implementing partner: Landscape Engineering Pte Ltd

James Basson and Bruno Torini of Scape Design have worked together to score numerous awards at prestigious competitions such as the RHS Chelsea show, Gardening World Cup, Philadelphia Flower and SGF. James is known for being a strong advocator of dry gardening and for his efforts to raise awareness on the importance of working with locally-sourced plants and traditional materials, using no irrigation and minimum maintenance. A lead designer at Scape Design, Bruno specialises in technical details and construction solutions.


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Awards Silver Award
John Tan and Rayomnd Toh
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens John Tan and Raymond Toh Singapore Implementing partner: Esmond Landscape and Horticultural Pte Ltd

John Tan and Raymond Toh are award winners of multiple design competitions, including the Chelsea Flower Show, Gardening World Cup Japan, SGF and Landscape Industry Association (Singapore) Award. With a total of over 50 years of experience in horticultural and landscape design between them, their works and design are featured regularly featured in Singapore and overseas media, with some being awarded LIAS Awards of Excellence - the Gold and Best of Category Awards as the highest achievements.


Awards Bronze Award People's Choice Award
Floral Windows to the World

Judy Law Guek Chu


Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Katsuhiko Koga and Kazuhiro Kagae Japan Implementing partner: Flora Landscape Pte Ltd

Katsuhiko Koga and Kazuhiro Kagae are garden designers with complementing strengths. Koga’s garden designs impress with their unique fusion of garden arts and flower arrangement techniques, as well as Japanese and western styles. Kagae’s focus is on creating the human touch for his gardens, keeping in mind to propose gardens that will blend in with the environment as the years pass. Koga currently runs a garden production company where he designs and creates gardens for hotels and residents. For Kagae, he acquired the top level national certificate for garden techniques at the tender age of 25, and has since participated in numerous garden shows.


Awards Best Indoor Lighting Award Gold Award
Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Kazuho Inohana and Yosuke Yamaguchi Japan Implementing partner: Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte Ltd

Kazuho Inohana and Yosuke Yamaguchi are trained in traditional Japanese gardening in Kyoto, and spent years to learn the art. In his works, Kazuho expresses boundless playfulness and the unique Kyoto-esque sense of art and aesthetic beauty. In his first Garden Show at the Gardening World Cup 2014, he scored the Gold Award and Best Construction Award. Separately, Yosuke’s designs are influenced by education in Kyoto and United Kingdom. The blend of traditional gardening with modern designs has made him an extraordinary creative garden designer. Yosuke believes in creating gardens that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also one that brings a sense of satisfaction and comfort to the creator and owner.


Awards Gold Award
Floral Windows to the World

Kim Hyung Hak

Republic of Korea

Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Kong Jian Yu China Implementing partner: G.T.H Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Kong Jian Yu is a globally celebrated leader in ecological planning and design. He founded Turenscape, an award-winning landscape architecture firm. In his practice, Yu tries to reconstruct ecological infrastructure at various scales and define new aesthetics based on ecology. He has successfully achieved the integration between ecology and aesthetics that are demonstrated by his numerous high performance and low maintenance landscapes. His projects have also received many international awards for their ecologically sound and culturally sensitive designs, including the 2009 ULI Global Award for Excellence, the 2015 National Energy Globe Award (Energy Globe Foundation), among others. He is a fellow of The American Society of Landscape Architects, Changjiang Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education of China, One Thousand Talents of China selected by The Ministry of Technology, and is the founder and dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape at Peking University. He received a Doctor of Design at the Harvard GSD.  


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Floral Windows to the World

Kristin Voreland


Balcony Gardens

Lee Meng Kwan

Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Leon Kluge and Bayley Luutomes South Africa and New Zealand Implementing partner: Eco-Scape

Leon Kluge and Bayley Luutomes joined forces in 2014 to form KLUGELUUTOMES DESIGN after competing in the same category at the Gardening World Cup 2013. The pair is renowned for their artistic garden designs with a modern contemporary twist.  Their gardens have been showcased in many international shows such as the Chelsea Flower Show, UK, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, UK, Ellerslie International Flower Show, New Zealand, and more. Further to designing private residential homes, commercial and public spaces, they have also designed for Hollywood celebrities.


Awards Best Outdoor Lighting Award Gold Award
Floral Windows to the World

Li Hai Bo


Floral Windows to the World

Marie Bittnerová

Czech Republic

Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Michael Petrie United States Implementing partner: Candy Floriculture Pte Ltd

Michael Petrie is an award-winning international landscape designer who has won numerous accolades at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Philadelphia Flower Show and SGF. As both a garden designer and a trained artist in painting, photography, print making and other arts, his work differs from what is commonly seen in the industry, notably excelling in visual, compositional and emotional appeal as well as balance and originality. His work has been called “wildly beautiful”, “unconventional”, “innovative” and “breathtaking”. 


Awards Silver Award
Floral Windows to the World

Natalia Zhizhko

The Russian Federation

Floral Windows to the World

Natasha Lisitsa & Daniel Schultz

United States of America

Celebrations! Floral Table Series

Niar Jacklowsky

Floral Windows to the World

Nicolaus Peters


Celebrations! Floral Table Series

Rose Cao

Floral Windows to the World

Sofie Danielsson Söhr


Celebrations! Floral Table Series

Soh Liang Ying (SLY)

Floral Windows to the World

Stef Adriaenssens


Landscape & Fantasy Gardens Stefano Passerotti Italy Implementing partner: Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd

Stefano Passerotti was born into a family of gardeners, and is trained in the best tradition of Tuscan gardening. One of his most iconic works, which has been internationally acclaimed for its unique approach, is the experimental garden in Poggio Imperiale, Florence, started by him in 2001. His unconventional approach in the botanical world, where he continually seeks for new methods and solutions, has earned him the nickname ‘The Courageous Gardener’. In 2007, he founded the Stefano Passerotti Landscape Studio, which is hosted in the winter garden of the Imperialino Villa.


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Awards Best of Show Award Gold Award
Floral Windows to the World

Tan Han Xiang @ Han Ashworth


Celebrations! Floral Table Series

Veronique Jourdan

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