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New displays create an immersive experience for visitors at Singapore Garden Festival 2018

Published 20 Jul 2018

Singapore, 20 July 2018 – Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) returns this year to awe and inspire. The seventh edition of the premier tropical garden and flower show commences tomorrow at Gardens by the Bay and will run until 3 August 2018. Organised by the National Parks Board (NParks) and Gardens by the Bay, the main Festival returns with 73 tastefully-curated displays by local and international professional and amateur talents, spread across 10.1 hectares, including new horticultural displays with interesting plants and unique blooms.SGF 2018 is conceptualised as a tropical rainforest garden with pockets of gardens and displays filled with plants and flowers of varied colours in line with the Festival’s overall theme, “World of Colours!”.


A tropical rainforest garden exposition with new horticultural displays

A tropical rainforest garden is sculpted out of The Meadow, bringing the visitor through rainforest cladded mountains, valleys and open plains all the way to the Supertree Grove. Within this rainforest matrix featuring over 6,500 trees and 100,000 plants of 1,200 species, SGF 2018 promises visual surprises with garden displays carefully curated by NParks staff that feature plants and flowers of a multitude of colours and hues. The design of the displays leveraged on the existing plants, features and terrain in Gardens by the Bay, creating an interesting contrast between natural elements and man-made features like the Supertrees. Visitors will experience walking through a tropical rainforest garden punctuated with open spaces and explore gardens that showcase various habitats such as freshwater swamps and sub-tropical meadows. 


At The Meadow, The Mountains provide a stunning entrance to the Festival with lush greenery with autumn colours. Here, visitors can enjoy exploring the Vanda Valley, a plethora of unique vandaceous orchids, and the Flower Field, which recreates a sub-tropical meadow with colourful flowering plants. To commemorate Singapore’s ASEAN chairmanship this year, the ASEAN Garden at The Meadow will display a collection of vibrant blooms amongst a grove of figs comprising the majestic Banyan Fig (Ficus benghalensis) chosen as the centrepiece for the display and the Shaggy-leafed Fig (Ficus villosa), a remarkable species of hairy climbing figs native throughout the ASEAN region including Singapore. These figs symbolise resilience which mirrors that of ASEAN. 


Visitors entering from the Supertree Grove will experience meandering through a Lost Forest with towering trees and discover rare plants native to Singapore. As they continue along the path, they will pass through the Floral Canopy, a hanging exhibit featuring Bromeliads and other epiphytes, which leads to the Therapeutic Garden, a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Plants in this display were chosen for their visually cool colours and pleasant fragrance. Amongst these are Mount Lemmon Marigold (Tagetes lemmonii), whose leaves that have a delightful fruity scent and can be harvested and steeped in hot water to make tea; and the Green Pepper Basil(Ocimum carnosum), a rare edible basil with a scent and flavour reminiscent of green bell peppers.Next to the Therapeutic Garden, visitors can learn about the journey of how a flower transforms into a fruit at the Learning Garden.


Crossing over to The Meadow, visitors will be greeted by the Gothic Gate, inspired by the ornate architectural style of the great gothic cathedrals of Europe, with a rich tapestry of plant displays of roses, Angelonia angustifoliaand Wrightia antidysentericawhich permeate the structure. Located next to it is the Pond Garden which showcases tranquil water features adorned with pink, purple and white water lilies. 


Commenting on the non-competitive displays, Mr Jim Gardiner, Former Wisley Curator and UK Royal Horticultural Society Vice-President said, “The stunning garden displays curated by the NParks staff are on par with the show gardens that won gold awards at the Festival."


Adding on, renowned French garden designer Mr Pascal Garbe said, “These tastefully curated displays testify of the enthusiasm by the NParks staff in creating a world-class tropical garden and flower show, as well as to the top-notch horticultural standards upheld by the Festival.”


Mr Gardiner and Mr Garbe are Head Judges for the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens competitive categories at the Festival.


Additionally, this year’s Orchid Extravaganza in the Flower Dome is set to inspire festival-goers, especially since homegrown award-winning filmmaker Royston Tan headlines as its creative director. The orchid, which has always been closely entwined with Singapore’s heritage, will be showcased in a stunning arrangement conceptualised by the renowned Singaporean film director. More than 14,000 orchids of over 120 varieties will be featured in the floral display, alongside an exquisite showcase of prized orchids competing in the SOGA (Singapore Orchid Growers' Association) Orchid Show.


Best of show designer gardens at The Meadow

As a world-class premier international horticultural show, SGF continues to attract strong interest and participation from award-winning garden and landscape designers worldwide. This year, SGF will host 40 of the best designers from across the globe competing in the Landscape Gardens, Fantasy Gardens, Floral Windows to the World and Balcony Gardens categories at The Meadow.


Among designers for the five fantasy and eight landscape show gardens are 2016 Best of Show (Landscape Garden category) winner, Inch Lim from Malaysia, as well as 2016 gold winners Koga Katsuhiko and Kagae Kazuhiro (Japan; Landscape Garden), and Leon Kluge (South Africa; Fantasy Garden). Singapore designers include Landscape Garden competitors John Tan, and Chang Huai-yan & Ng Sze Oun.


This year, Inch Lim clinched the Gold award and Best of Show title once again, as well as the Horticulture Excellence award, in the Landscape Garden category. His garden is titled “The Wild and the Restless”, with reference to native and naturalised plants that have either existed in the Southeast Asian wild, or that have travelled vast distances – such as from the Americas – to get to the region.


Leon Kluge was another repeat winner – this time in the Fantasy Garden category. His garden titled “African Thunder” scored the highest amongst the Gold recipients to secure Best of Show. The display, which depicts rain bringing life to the dry landscape of Africa, also received the Horticulture Excellence award.


A special non-competitive Floral Windows to the World Installation will feature returning Best of Show (Floral Windows to the World) designers from SGF 2016—Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz from the United States. Titled “Cascade”, the display is a celebration of water. Like the grand fountain in a civic plaza, this six-metre tall sculptural centrepiece is a cascade of flowers that draws focus and commands immediate attention from all entrances of the tent.


Visitors will also be treated to Balcony Garden displays at The Meadow, where eight local designers contend to transform 3m-by-3m standard balcony-sized spaces into the most delightful and soothing retreats. This category promises to inspire local home owners in the beautification of their own apartment spaces.


Professional and amateur designers will also be showcasing their skill at the 11thInternational FDSS Cup Floral Designing Competition, while students will compete at primary, secondary and tertiary levels at the Floral Harmony @ Nanyang and Landscape Design Challenge.


Gardening displays and more at Supertree Grove

This year, the Festival will extend to the Supertree Grove, with highlights such as the Learning Garden, Therapeutic Garden and Penjing & Artistic Stone Exhibition & Competition.


Displays by the Floral Designers Society (Singapore), Singapore Penjing & Stone Appreciation Society, Singapore Gardening Society, students and community gardeners will also be showcased at the Supertree Grove.


The ever-popular MarketPlace returns to Bayfront Plaza, occupying the non-ticketed space outside Bayfront MRT with over 100 booths selling food and beverages, plants, gardening and botanical resources, and arts and crafts.


More opportunities for the public to participate in SGF 

In addition to talks and demonstrations, the Festival introduced a new “Floral Jamming” event led by professional floral designers, where participants can hone their floral artistry skills. SGF visitors can register to take part in a free floral arrangement “jam session” between 24 and 26 July, or between 30 July and 2 August, and afterward take their floral creations home with them. 


Photography enthusiasts heading down to the Festival can also participate in the Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year (SGPY) Photo Competition by NParks. Keen shutterbugs can submit photos via Instagram with the hashtags #sgpy_people #SGGardenFest and stand a chance to win cash and Nikon School Vouchers. The closing date for the theme of “People and Nature” is 19 September 2018 and there is no limit on the number of entries that can be submitted on Instagram. For more information about SGPY, please visit 


Expanded SGF show format

Since its launch in 2006, SGF has been bringing together international and local designers, community gardeners and plant enthusiasts to showcase the best of tropical horticulture and floral artistry in one location – first at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, then Gardens by the Bay. Today, SGF has grown into three complementary flower and horticultural shows. Offshoots of the anchor Festival, SGF Orchid Show and SGF Horticulture Show will comprise various popular SGF elements, allowing them to entertain visitorsat individual platforms. With this expansion, Singaporeans will have more opportunities to appreciate tropical horticulture and floral artistry every year. The inaugural SGF Orchid Show was held at the National Orchid Garden and other parts of the Singapore Botanic Gardens from 21 to 29 April 2018. The SGF Horticulture Show will take place at Singapore’s upcoming national gardens in the heartlands, Jurong Lake Gardens, in early 2019.


For more information about SGF, please visit www.singaporegardenfestival.comor Facebook page




Notes to the Editor

About Singapore Garden Festival 

The Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) is a series of flower and horticultural shows comprising the anchor Festival and two complementary events – the SGF Orchid Show and SGF Horticulture Show. The three shows give local and international visitors more opportunities to appreciate tropical horticulture and floral artistry every year.


The mainstay SGF is amongst the top flower and garden shows on the international calendar. It is the first show to bring together top international award-winning landscape and garden designers, florists and horticulturists from around the world who are invited to the Festival to work alongside Singapore's own talented horticulturists. Singapore's geographic location makes the Festival an ideal platform to showcase horticultural and gardening products and services from the northern and southern hemispheres, as well as from Asia and New World nations. In 2014, SGF became the first festival in Asia to clinch the prestigious International Garden Tourism – Achievement of The Year Award, awarded by the Canadian Garden Tourism Council as a part of the biennial Garden Tourism Conference.


For more information on SGF 2018, log onto


About National Parks Board 

National Parks Board (NParks) is responsible for providing and enhancing the greenery of our City in a Garden. Beyond building green infrastructure, NParks is actively engaging the community to enhance the quality of our living environment.


NParks manages 350 parks and 300 km of park connectors, 3,347 hectares of nature reserves and the Singapore Botanic Gardens. We also manage Pulau Ubin and the Sisters' Islands Marine Park. Adding to this is the extensive streetscape, or roadside greenery, that forms the backbone of our City in a Garden. The island-wide Park Connector Network is also being developed to link major parks, nature areas and residential estates.


As the lead agency on biodiversity conservation, NParks has developed an urban biodiversity conservation model, which aims to conserve representative eco-systems in land-scarce Singapore. NParks also monitors and coordinates measures to enhance the presence of biodiversity in our urban landscape.


NParks is working closely with partners in the landscape and horticulture industry to increase productivity, and provide training for all levels of the workforce. Enhancing competencies of the industry will support Singapore’s vision of being a biophilic City in a Garden.


For more information, visit


About Gardens by the Bay

An integral part of Singapore’s “City in a Garden” vision, Gardens by the Bay spans a total of 101 hectares of prime land at the heart of Singapore’s new downtown – Marina Bay. Comprising three waterfront gardens – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central – Gardens by the Bay will be a showcase of horticulture and garden artistry that will bring the world of plants to Singapore and present Singapore to the World. Bay South, the largest at 54 hectares, officially opened on 29 June 2012. 


Gardens by the Bay was started as a project by the National Parks Board. It has since grown to become an independent organisation responsible for developing and managing what will be Asia’s foremost garden destination. 


The Gardens has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award (Urban Category) in 2018, International Garden Tourism Leader Award in 2017, Top Local Attraction presented by Influential Brands in 2017, and the 2015 Guinness World Record for Largest Glass Greenhouse. It is the first garden in the world to receive the prestigious Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Themed Entertainment Association in 2014. For its sustainable design and practices, it was conferred the President’s Design Award in Singapore in 2013 and World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012.  


For more information, visit

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