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orchid extravaganza
Festival Highlights

Orchid Extravaganza

The orchid may be ubiquitous, but it conceals many surprises among its numerous blooms. Regarded as the world’s most diverse botanical family, orchids grow on almost every continent and vary widely in size and form. Did you know there are more species of orchids in the world than the number of bird species or even mammal species?

The diversity of the orchid world will be brought to life in this year’s “Orchid Extravaganza”, which runs from 22 July to 28 August in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. Set amidst an enchanted forest where the mythical Orchidians call home, a stunning display of more than 10,000 orchid plants awaits.

“Orchid Extravaganza” will feature over 100 orchid species and hybrids. Be it the myriad of colours of the well-loved Phalaenopsis, the intriguing kite-like flowers of the Masdevallia, or the bright, flamboyant blooms of the Cattleya, there is an orchid for every taste. Be mesmerised by the entrancing spiral of orchids above you in the Sacred Trees of Wisdom. Or take a moment to admire the flow of orchid colours along the Stream of Life. As you stroll through this secret village dotted with quaint fruit-shaped houses, you just might spot an Orchidian or two!

In conjunction with the Singapore Garden Festival from 23 to 31 July, the Flower Dome will also showcase more than 400 orchids from the Singapore Orchid Show by the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA).


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